Monthly Archives: January 2006

Fourth Tuesday = Selectmen’s Meeting!

Fun meeting tonight.

The Pump Station off Chestnut Street has now been designated as a site on the National Register of Historic Places … bringing the total to ?eight (I thought there were more than that).

A parking lot expansion program was discussed. Can you say NIMBY? While there are problems with stadium attendees urinating on lawns, how about putting up your own fence so they can’t get into your yard? If you like the expanse of trees out your back window, did you ever think of buying more of the neighboring property to insulate yourself from the world just a tad bit more?

More later!


Domestic Terrorism and Double Speak

Yesterday’s Boston Globe ran an article about domestic eco-terrorists. FBI director Robert Mueller is quoted as saying

”Terrorism is terrorism, no matter what the motive,” he said. ”It is one thing to write concerned letters or to hold peaceful demonstrations. It is another thing entirely to construct and use improvised explosives or incendiary devices to harass and intimidate victims by destroying property.”

Hmmm, so why then is it okay for the National Security Agency to spy on Quakers in Florida who are holding peaceful, anti-war rallies and organization meetings?

Goodbye Vinny

Whether you’ve lived in town your whole life or only for a short time, you know who Mr. Igo is and what he has done for our town. Please think of him and light a candle for him here.

You will be missed and remembered Mr. Igo!