Monthly Archives: August 2007

Stadium & Superbowl!

Robert Kraft & MIAA announced that “…six of the seven Eastern Massachusetts high school Super Bowl games will be played at Gillette Stadium through the year 2009.” The games will be played on December 1. Two Thumbs Up!!


MHD Road Design – New Rules Issued January 2006

Project Development & Design Guide
“MassHighway’s Project Development and Design Guidebook was released in January 2006. The Guidebook features more emphasis on design flexibility, streamlined procedures, and improved collaboration between MassHighway and the cities and towns it serves.”

Also, if the road you’re on not only needs improvement (and which ones don’t?!), but is a hazard, please dial 321 on a cell phone or 888-359-9595. “Citizens can use the 321 system to call in concerns about catch basins, manholes and other critical issues…If the location identified by the caller does not fall under MassHighway’s jurisdiction, the information will be forwarded to another state or municipal agency. Information can also be submitted through the MassHighway web site feedback page by visiting MHD and clicking on ‘Contact Us.’ The Feedback Page is manned during working hours.” (info from Boston Globe & Sun Chronicle)