Monthly Archives: November 2007


Thanks to Sen. Timilty, Rep. Barrows, Foxborough Board of Selectmen, Finance Director Randy Scollins, and the Assessor we now know some people around the state will be receiving adjusted excise tax bills for FY 2005, 2006, & 2007. Of course these are not rebates, but demands for payments within 30 days.

Shocked yet? Why is this happening? Well, according to tonight’s (11/13/07) Selectmen’s Meeting, the RMV had incorrect information and the wrong computer system and person in charge of this part of the billing process. So, now, low‘n’behold, two-plus years later, in some cases, people who thought they had paid what they ‘owed’ to the municipality by way of excise taxes now have to scrape together additional funds to cover the RMV’s ‘FU’!

Sen. Timilty is trying to get this alleviated legislatively. If that fails, could Foxborough (and other inclined municipalities) override the RMV order that has DOR approval by voting in a special order or something stating that all funds required to be collected – or that have already been received – be returned to the payee? That way, our townsfolk won’t be screwed by the ineptness of the RMV? Especially those already struggling to make ends meet or on fixed incomes. Could the Selectmen do this or would it require a vote at Town Meeting?