Cocasset River Park

From: The Foxboro Reporter

“…The lawyer’s filing includes an affidavit of Michael G. Sites, president of the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commission. Sites states that in his opinion the town, including the local commission, lacks the authority to allow the dog park at Cocasset River Park. …”

Interesting comment from attorney Sites, who also has years of town ConComm and land use/regulations experience. Visit Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions.

Makes me wonder if the original formation of Cocasset River Park (and subsequent use for almost 40 years) was contrary to the deed stipulations or any regulations then or later on. Would be nice to be able to see the deed again. Maybe a better solution or alternative would be to reclaim/recreate the original land use/restore it to what was there prior to deed transfer and then go from there or do something else such as:
– a complete long range plan for the use of the land including Open Space Surveys and planning which many communities do for smart growth initiatives and to acquire funding to procure and protect more open space and conservation land. Like the planning for the State hospital land and other places (and in most municipalities), this usually includes and requires plenty of time and comments (and comment periods) from everyone, including citizens, boards, agencies, and anyone else interested in what happens with the property in question. This often takes more than a few years to properly accomplish.
– halt everything, start from scratch
– determine if this is a change in use, who has jurisdiction over the use of the facility (and other facilities in town), and which town department is responsible for the land and facility.
– figure out potential legal liabilities of having a privately run or operated facility on public land (and that includes any public land, including CRRA, the common, lakes, and more)…indemnification?
– don’t forget that there have been much larger projects started and later stopped, even though millions of dollars and thousands of hours of effort had already been put into the projects.
– don’t detract from the use issue by denegrating either side by getting into familial, friendship, and professional relationships and ties or calling people “dog lovers” and “dog haters”.

Town Of Hanson Open Space Survey – “…Last Updated: 2008/2/9…
The Open Space Committee in conjunction with the Conservation Commission is conducting a survey of the Town’s Open Space needs. Attached is the survey in a downloadable PDF Format. Please download, complete and return it to the Open Space Committee. Your opinions count. Thank you for your participation. …”

– Canton’s Bridge to nowhere and Fowl Meadow area: Planned and partially built ramp near the 128/95 split; it’s now an artifact and fun birding and trail spot.

Wetlands Restoration

Topographic Map – 7/1/1987
Aerial View – 3/29/1995


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