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A Bridge Over Route 1?

There’s a proposal to construct a pedestrian footbridge over Route 1. Why? To connect the proposed 1.6 million square foot high-tech office park to Patriot Place and Gillette Stadium, of course! Should we call this area of town Kraftville? All sarcasm aside, why should we have to help fund this expansion and new infrastructure? If the bridge(s) will be used for game day, that might be a slight tradeoff in cost for fewer police/ambulance services, but how much? Since the pedestrian bridge is being constructed for and will be used primarily by people going from the high-tech park to shops, restaurants, stadium, and other venues across Route 1, shouldn’t the cost to build the bridge be included in The Kraft Group’s cost of building the new high-tech park and not be a burden to taxpayers?

You can look at the proposal submitted to the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office through the The Envronmental Monitor in

It’s called “New Patriots Stadium and Related Infrastructure Project – Phase 3A” and comments are due 10 April 2009.

If you’re interested in the recent spending bill signed, check here