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Bridge Not “Shovel Ready”?

Are we now to believe the pedestrian bridge is not “shovel ready”? An attemt at a recent timeline:

  • Dec. 4 – Feds pull funding for bridge(*)
  • Nov. 24 – Gov. Patrick at State Dinner at Whitehouse(*)
  • Nov. 19 – “Town, State back $9m Bridge” article published
  • Nov. 13 – MPO Approves Plan: 13-1
  • Oct. 26 – “Gov. Deval Patrick released a list of 33 priority projects — including the Route 1 walkover at the Patriot Place complex — estimated to cost more than $165.6 million, to fund in the second round of highway investment under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).”
  • April 2009 – ” ‘The proponent has also proposed to construct a new Pedestrian Bridge across Route 1 to be located immediately north of the Stadium P6 driveway,’ the application to the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs reads. ”
  • early in 2009: bridge to cost $6 million dollars
  • Nov. 20, 2008 – “state announced that the high tech office park has been designated a ‘Growth Initiative District,’ and eligible for a piece of a $55 million in set-aside revenue for ‘shovel ready’ projects. The idea was to stimulate the economy.”
  • … be continued
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