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Ready For The Columnist Smackdown!

Looks like we have front-row seats for a “Former Selectmen & Now Columnist Smackdown” LIVE through the years. ‘Round 1″: Hickey vs. Feeney.

Planning, Conservation and other Town committees had remaining issues with both the proposed footbridge and spur to the stadium. Why didn’t Hickey attempt to crucify them or name the “remaining culprits” he talks of? The “remaining culprits” must be Lynda Walsh, Larry Harrington, Lorraine Brue and Paul Mortenson. Andy Gala must be included in those who are guilty as he too could have attended to represent the Selectmen and town as he has done so often in the past. Only Jim Devellis is new this year. The many TV interviews and online comments from citizens around the state criticizing the proposed $9 million project and other facts about it have not been forgotten by all.

Entertaining as the Opinion section continues to be, is the newspaper actively seeking out columnists to balance the views published? Are Democrat, Republican, and other views on issues equally represented in opinion columns? There is a Republican Town Committee and a Democratic Town Committee. Are any of the columnists articles edited? Is there any independent fact checking by the editor of the supposed facts presented by columnists and letter writers?

Maybe the next byline featured regularly in the paper will be “Paul Feeney lives on North Street, is a former member of the Foxborough Board of Selectmen and regular contributor to The Reporter.”