Stadium Parking, Drunk Driving, & Country Fest

WOW! Can people really be expected to know how long it will take to get to Gillette? From Gillette’s site:

“Parking rate: $40 per car/ $125 per limo or RV/$200 per bus” (steep, in my opinion)

“Ticket Requirement: Each patron entering the parking lots is required to have a ticket to the event. Please be prepared to present tickets for every person in your vehicle at your parking lot gate.” (quite fair and anyone without a ticket MUST be expecting to buy one there from a scalper or someone else or just be there to hang out in the parking lot or stores all day/night long, bad idea all around.)

“Early Arrival Penalty: It is important to allow ample time to get to Gillette Stadium, but do not arrive prior to 2 p.m. Should lots be forced to open earlier at the direction of state and local police for public safety purposes, each vehicle that parks prior to 2 p.m. will be assed an early arrival penalty. The rate prior to 2 p.m. will be: $60 per car/ $180 per limo or RV/ $300 per bus. Any proceeds from the early arrival penalty will be donated to the TEAM Coalition and the Ensign John R. Elliot HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers. Click here to learn more about the campaign.” (good place to donate the extra $20/$55/$100, but I hope they are _assessed_ not _assed_ an early penalty-that would probably hurt too.)

Sad that such a law and effort needs to be in effect to try to get people to not do really stupid things like driving impaired. Take responsibility for yourself and help your friends when they’re in trouble.


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