More news about the finalist

Paicos named town manager for Foxborough, ending tenure in Hingham
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“……Paicos, 57, was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in the fall, but has opted out of his deployment due to the new job. …..

‘Going there is a wonderful opportunity, great promotional opportunity, great career advancement, great set-up with Foxborough stadium. It has some big city problems for a small town, so very challenging professionally, and I’m very excited about all that. But there is a little bit of melancholy there,’ he said.

Hingham town administrator likely would not deploy if he gets Foxborough job
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But Paicos says if he gets the job in Foxborough, he would petition not to go with his unit, which he says received orders to deploy this fall.

‘I would immediately request my release from the deployment, and I have every expectation that that would be honored,’ Paicos said, though he cautions he still needs to see if he is sure he wants to go to Foxborough.

But, Paicos says, there is no guarantee he will be excused from his tour because ‘there are no absolutes when you’re dealing with the military.’……..”

Foxborough narrows manager search to two by Molly A. K. Connors, Globe Correspondent / August 15, 2010

Boston Globe
Globe South Community Briefing

August 22, 2010
WEARING TWO HATS — Ted Alexiades, the financial director for Hingham, is taking on another job, that of interim town administrator. Kevin Paicos, the current town administrator, is planning to leave; he is a finalist for town manager in Foxborough, but he also could be deployed to Afghanistan with his National Guard unit. Alexiades will take over the position sometime in the next two months. The Board of Selectmen approved the appointment Tuesday night, after deciding against the idea of looking for an outside candidate. “Given the limited resources we have to going outside to look for an interim candidate, I think it’s not in our best interests at this time,’’ said Selectman John Riley. “I also feel that by bringing someone in from the outside, we’d have to go through a fairly extensive learning curve to get up to speed, with respect to the departments and budget.’’ Search

  • Easton’s Selectmen’s minutes from July 14, 1997-present (note Jun. 24 ’02, JULY 8, 2002, Dec. ’02, Mar. ’03)
  • Was it unfair to the original third place finalist before Paicos entered the pool late-wasn’t there a deadline- to add Paicos in and ignore #3 who had followed the process?

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