Selectmen’s Squabbles

Anger follows Paicos choice

Selectmen are still sparring….and did one announce the employer of another Selectman? I have never heard Brue mention to the public which company she works for but do believe Harrington announced it to the world at the last meeting.

“Walsh on Wednesday notified Paicos of the board’s vote and designated Harrington and DeVellis to represent the board in the contract negotiations.”

Why did she opt to have the two full supporters of Paicos negotiate with him? It seems the town would be better suited to have it be a combination consisting of 1 from each column

Walsh Mortenson
Harrington Brue

to more fully represent the views and interested of all townies in the negotiations with our to-be-crowned next Town Manager. Obviously Mortenson and Brue heard from some that the other three did not (or did not mention); they should be represented in the deal not just those fully supporting Paicos-for whatever reasons they are.

Tuesday night’s meeting was full of information and innuendo. At least one apologized somewhat for their flippant comment (although I do agree that asking another person about a candidate’s qualifications and showing up at a local eatery should not be the sole basis for giving that candidate two thumbs up, neither should anything regarding someone’s patriotism). In my opinion, a candidates ‘patriotism’ should not be a requirement for the job and Patriotism is not defined only by whether or not one has served in the military.

Brue’s request of a background check seems fair, but why did Harrington feel the need to argue about the ‘when’ and then say he knew it was a delay tactic despite Brue saying that it wasn’t and she was just following the way her company does the vetting process. Did she notice or find something the others did not? Does Harrington have a magic crystal ball or mindreading skills?? We’ll find out in the next episode of the Foxborough Soap Opera “Selectmen’s Squabbles” featuring the “Selectmen Scrappers”..maybe.


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