What’s The Big Deal?

Board split on Paicos report
Board clashes on manager search

Two Selectmen believe it’s their duty to actually see the information themselves-seems to be NBD ….. but not for the three others. The Selectmen are the hiring authority, not anyone else. If you rely on a second or third party to give you the thumbs up or down, that is not doing a good job to reassure yourself or anyone else that the information is true and accurate. There are numerous examples of people lying on their resumes or other applications that the responsible party took them at their word or a second party’s word/verification system and got burned later.

Noting that Foxboro does not have a human resources department, Brue said she considers it a vital part of her duty to see the investigatory documents, just as she does when hiring managers in her profession, and not to settle for a third party’s summary. ……

Harrington conceded that not every detail on Paicos’s resume — such as educational history — will necessarily be verified. He predicted no big concerns will arise, however, and that Paicos will be “owed an apology.”

Good for you Brue. If this is a full background search, what responsible company or employer would not verify educational history and everything else included in the application documents? That’s “Hiring 101”.

Harrington on Tuesday said “insinuations” about Paicos’s record have created the false and unfair impression among some in the community that the long-time municipal leader has hidden baggage.

If Paicos is the professional he appears to be, this should be nothing new to him and he should EXPECT IT regardless of where he is applying or what job he is applying for.

Board members hurled accusations at each other, and a first-year selectman — Paicos backer James DeVellis — called for the board to adopt a voluntary gag policy on speaking to the press about issues of concern.

“No board member shall write a letter to the editor or engage in other forms of written communication regarding selectmen business of public concern,” DeVellis’s dissent rule reads, in part.

WHAT? Are you all crazy? Reporters ask questions and the public expects to see and read the answers and thoughts from Selectmen. Sometimes things are not expounded on enough during meetings or some voices are effectively gaveled-voted into silence so we do not hear their full thoughts on an issue. There are things we might never see or be party to and trying to put a gag order on all Selectmen will do no good for the public trust. I would rather hear from the Selectmen involved than an opinion columnist or letter writer who happens to agree or not-and there’s no guarantee that any of them are not simply parrots for friends on the select board or another committee.

The exchange between DeVellis and Brue was good and despite him saying he was concerned about only this issue, she was correct in asking why Harrington wasn’t being chided for the same thing as Mortenson.

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”


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