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Hingham town administrator Kevin Paicos headed to war, again – Last update Jul 30, 2010

It was December, and the men were told that their special forces unit was being deployed for combat this fall – the third time in 10 years. The men returned two years ago from Afghanistan and are headed back.

Ironically, that same day, Paicos, 56, Hingham’s town administrator, intended to retire from the Guard.

“The question went around the room, and they’re all saying ‘I’m going,’ ‘I’m going.’ There was no way I could say no,” he said.

He will deploy for a year and expects to finish his three-year contract with the town upon his return.


Paicos served 15 years in the Army and the National Guard and stepped away for 17 years. He re-enlisted at age 52.


Paicos, a Hingham resident, is wrapping up business in town while selectmen look for his interim replacement.

He took over as Hingham’s town administrator in January 2009. Prior to that, he served as town administrator in Ashburnham and Easton.


In July he knew this and had planned on retiring even earlier… Why the rush by a few Selectmen to say “we need to know now so that if he is chosen, he can try to get a deferment ASAP”? Obviously, a retirement-leave was planned all along-even before thinking of Foxborough (which he knew about the job opening at the start of the search process, but chose NOT TO APPLY THEN).

Is the statement “a Hingham resident” a mistake by the newspaper or was the newspaper reporter or were the Selectmen given incorrect information? Can see why some might have a couple of questions. Will try a timeline based on the available information.


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