• June 3: Offer your input on next town manager
  • Town manager search nears
  • Town manager finalists set
  • Not so fast, Andy
  • July 13: Foxboro narrows list for new boss
  • Town manager finalists set for interview
  • News
  • Masison in running for
  • More news
  • Town manager field down to five
  • More news III
  • Paicos ‘recruited’ for Foxboro job
  • Consultant picked for Hingham town administrator search
  • & should we wonder about this news article?

  • Norton manager giving notice
  • Norton BOS

    hector ballon raises a good point in one of his comments on the Sun Chronicle site that I failed to bring up earlier- Chairman Walsh stated that someone said they had confirmation from departments that Scollins would be the pick- if this is true, what Department heads or personnel spoke to whom and on what authority. Given they are not the ones that will be doing the hiring…how were they to know and who would believe anything other than from the Selectmen’s mouths themselves? DEFINITE issues to be looked into regarding that comment and who spoke to whom.


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