Citizen’s input

Thank you Kate Kominsky and Hector Ballon for verbalizing what some in town have been feeling about the search process. It was not a condemnation of the candidates or their qualifications, just the recent process during the past one-two months.

Hector Ballon made some excellent comments regarding recent mischaracterizations by some board members. You have to always watch and read carefully, paying attention to the details. Saying the town deserves better than somene not doing their homework is far different than someone saying the town deserves better than the person doing (or not) the homework. PAY ATTENTION FOLKS!!

During the country music fest portion of the meeting- as soon as the Chairman said the State Police did change their plans, that should have more than answered the question. Mortenson had some Grade A comments regarding the law and citizen’s not being privy to everything. Gillette is a high target area. Do we want some ill-intentioned folks to know how many and what types of responses are prepared for? I don’t think the public needs to know at all- the Fire Chief, Police Chief, Stadium Advisory Committee, Stadium Management, Stadium Security, State Police, and Board of Selectmen, YES……citizens, NO!

Light reading about meetings:

  • Open Meeting Law
  • Are the minutes of an executive session subject to the Open Meeting Law?
  • A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law
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