New Town Manager

After an in-depth review of the candidate’s background check (with a Q&A porton) and about 45minutes in Executive session, the Selectmen voted 4-1 (Walsh, Mortenson, Harrington, DeVellis for, Brue against) to hire Kevin Paicos as our new Town Manager. Welcome to Foxborough!


2 responses to “New Town Manager

  1. Thank you for ending this side show finally, and I am glad Mr. Paicos won he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and a strong back after the whipping he has taken for this job. I am sorry Ms. Brue that your personal friend didn’t win, but that would have been wrong if he did don’t you think?

  2. Yes, thank the Selectmen and Paicos for ending this search. Andy can get on with his retirement! Paicos can find a home and start settling in at town hall. Average Joe, Scollins and Brue are friends? Are she or he friends with anyone else on the board? To be fair and since you made the insinuation, ditto for the other Selectmen and Paicos-who’s friends with whom on the board, search committee, other town leader and businesses?

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