Economic Development Committee

During their Goals and Objectives session, the selectmen discussed Bradlees Plaza, Route 1, downtown, and other areas for industrial and economic growth. Wondering if we had people in town looking at these issues and seeking out solutions, possible tenants, how to be more business & “I don’t know the town” businesses and developers friendly, and the like, why did not one of them seem to know about the Economic Development Committee?

Marc Resnick-May 2010
Mark Grebbin-May 2010
Michael Saegh, Sr.-May 2010
Michael Stanton-May 2010

The dates are all May 2010; is the listing out of date or was the committee disbanded?

Planning Department and Planning Board could be useful. Isn’t there still a Downtown Revitalization or Merchant’s committee and a Route 1 Economic Development Committee and Route One Business Association?

  • Foxborough Growth District – GROWTH DISTRICTS INITIATIVE
  • Kraft Group submits plans for….
  • In between the town and state and possible fed $$ and groups, should be a no brainer. Look at the Registry of Deeds site to find the current owner, send out info or make a call to see what their plans are or how the town might be able to help facilitate something getting done-pointing them in the direction of the correct departments to consult with.

    How about a Kohl’s or a new grocery store? Police/Fire sub-station or community-youth center? If you’re looking through your cabinets and find something from Almacs, Fernandes, or Ro-Jacks, it’s time to throw it away or sell as an antique!


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    1. Jim talked about an Industrial Development Commission in Mansfield. They also have a TIF Committee. check out Both The United Chamber of Commerce and Tri-Town CoC cover Foxborough. The town already has these tools in place just need to use them or make it clearer on the ‘business’ part of website.

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