Monthly Archives: March 2011

Foxborough Community Farmstand Meeting

Sunday, March 20, 2:00 PM @ Union Church. Be there! info


Lotsa News

  • New library design
  • Hiring a new town planner
  • ZBA needs a new member/interviews
  • BOH personnel
  • May elections
  • Special Town Meeting on March 7

Read the Town Meeting Warrant

  • $200 fine for PC
  • $200 fine for marijuana
  • 30 year lease for water property
  • make personal property <$750 not subject to taxation
  • request the state legislature to allow auction of old fire station

Did Library Trustees break the public trust by shelving the accepted by town meeting vote plan for a new one?

On the line-up for May Election

Board of Selectmen (pick one)

  • Paul Mortenson
  • Mark Sullivan

Boyden Library Trustees (pick two)

  • Edward Minkler
  • Kevin Penders
  • Thomas Magee

Planning Board (pick two)

  • William Grieder
  • Shannon L. McLaughlin
  • Jeffrey K. Anderson
  • John Rhoads

Board of Health

  • Paul Steeves

Board of Assessors

  • Thomas Buckley

Water and Sewer Commission

  • Richard Pacella

School Committee

  • Beverley Lord

Housing Authority

  • Charlene Kaye

Papers due March 14