Past & Present Collide

Here we go again. First, we’ll be asked to rewrite the text and redo the town ballot vote and approved legislation that created the Town Manager Act because Conservation Commission found out they didn’t like the wording and how it affected their realm.

Dog park trial looks at role of town manager

CHAPTER 5 AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A SELECTMEN – TOWN MANAGER FORM OF GOVERNMENT IN THE TOWN OF FOXBOROUGH. (see House, No. 4018, changed) Approved by the Governor, January 22, 2004

Then, we’ll be asked to rewrite the zoning regulations to something just slightly different than what the town meeting vote declined about a racino in 2004.

The economy was better in 2004 and now everyone is scrambling for money. In 2004, opponents railed against the supposed owner to be of a racino in town. Who are the players now bringing proposals to our officials and would there be similar opposition to them as there was 7 years ago?

Paicos righthfully brought the gaming topic up to the Selectmen. They didn’t vote against gaming, technicaly; they voted against putting the topic on a Special Town Meeting warrant and against having town departments to drop all else or add updating the work done for the 2004 racino bylaw to now be expanded gaming to their lists of things to do. Town manager spelled it out – if the possibility is there and wording is correct, only town meeting or town ballot can approve it at the local level.

Don’t like the wording or vote-keep bringing it up until you wear the opposition down. Meals tax, anyone?


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