New Jobs For Veterans’ Services

On July 21, 2011, “Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray, Attorney General Martha Coakley and Secretary Coleman Nee of the Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) today contacted municipal managers in all 351 cities and towns, reminding municipalities that state law requires cities and towns in the Commonwealth to enforce Chapter 115 of the Massachusetts General Law by providing local veterans’ agents.” *.

At that time Foxborough- being a town of more than 12,000- already had a full-time VSO. “Along with today’s request, DVS has recently implemented an electronic benefit tracking and certification system, Web-VSMIS (Veterans Services Management Information Systems), to reduce the paperwork submission process and also increase efficiency and accuracy for veterans’ agents and accounting departments in cities and towns. This additional assistance will provide municipalities with an improved system as they work to comply with Chapter 115.”

We have a fulll-time VSO, a Veteran Services Advisory Committee, and a clerk, so, why does our VSO and others think he should be part of a 4-town district with at minimum- and required by law all be full-time employees- a director, one agent, and two clerks? Is the current workload too much for Foxborough’s VSO? Does he need a clerk to help with the paperwork? Will he need a clerk or assistant to help with his duties or the Web-VSMIS system?

If this regionalization plan is implemented, what will each employee be paid? What wil it cost each town? What will be the employees required raises and how often? Where will their headquarters be? Those are some of the basic questions that should be answered before any decisions are made. Why would this be a good idea, when the thought of sharing a VSO with Walpole was undeniably unwanted? Do Foxborough veterans care if their VSO isn’t a resident of the town?

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  6. Vision Statement

    Advocate for Foxborough veterans, dependants and widows; providing access to every federal, state and local service & benefit to which they are entitled.

    Mission Statement

    Provide veterans access and referral to education, training and employment services. Help veterans with service record concerns. Provide direct service to veterans by answering questions and recommending resources. Counsel veterans and provide referrals to other professional services as necessary. Assist eligible veterans in applying for state wartime bonuses and annuities. Guide and assist veterans with disability claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Administer Massachusetts General Law Chapter 115 financial assistance and emergency financial aid to elibible veterans, dependants and widows. Additionally Foxborough Veteran Services will facilitate a veteran mutual support group.

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