Stepping On Citizens

Foxboro land conservation bid gets backing

Wasn’t the Conservation Commission not managing the Cocasset River Park, but had ceded it to the Recreation Department (who were the ones with the keys)? Or – if they thought they were – were doing a bad job of it. After years of not paying attention to that land, they then whine about it being neglected and tried to shove a non-pre-existing use and incompatible use dog park into the area instead of somewhere more compatible. Now they want to amend the State legislation to shove more crud upon the citizens becauae they didn’t like the outcome of the dog park. How about putting the dog park on the unsellable Oak Street property? Read on about the entire situation: Cocasset River Park, more.

“Voters at the Dec. 5 special town meeting will decide whether to ask the Legislature to take the conservation commission out from direct control of the town manager, by amending the act that created Foxboro’s town manager form of government…..

At the town-owned former Camp Lincoln Hill, five house lots with frontage on Oak Street were under consideration for sale, but officials recently discovered that a town meeting in the early 1970s designated that land for conservation and recreation uses only…..

Those potential house lots will not be sold, Brue said, citing this as an example of how the conservation commission already has the authority to manage its land under the Town Manager Act. ”

Why try to do this at Town Meeting. It was a Ballot Question the first time around; shouldn’t changes to it begin through a ballot question?


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