Casino Chat

There has been casino talk in Massachusetts since before 2007. There has been much talk about the possibility of siting a casino in Foxborough. There has been no official plan presented.

In one article, it states “Wynn said he could not discuss the particulars of the facility before the designs are finalized, but outlined a plan that would see a low-rise hotel, complete with restaurants, retail stores, a spa, a convention center and meeting rooms.”

Despite some vocal and immediate “No”s that have surfaced since news broke of a possible Wynn resort casino in town, many others are not so quick to come to a conclusion. Questions have arisen about traffic, hours of operation, clientele, other envisioned uses for the parcel, etc.

Some questions that would be good to have in hand before a decision is made would be:

  1. What impact studies have been done so far? (Not including the “free” one done by the Worcester Law firm).
  2. What is the expected vehicle trips increase by day and hour and route?
  3. Football and concerts don’t tie up traffic 24 hours a day everyday throughout Foxborough. Except for shows- which already happen at venues across the street- how will this differ from other large companies (i.e. Foxboro Company in their heyday) in affecting traffic patterns on some of the major streets in town?
  4. Has there been any interest in the proposed high-tech or bio-medical park for that parcel?
  5. Bio-tech firms encountered opposition to siting in Boston-Cambridge area in some measure due to a lack of sufficient evacuation plans in case of hazardous conditions (spill, terrorism, etc.) at the proposed facilities. How would Foxborough handle similar events?
  6. As currently zoned, Foxborough is not among MassBios “ready” communities. What is this parcel currently zoned for?
  7. What are the expected traffic changes- and by hour and day of week- for this proposed type of casino versus a high-tech
    office park or other development on that land?
  8. What’s the expected draw for shows at a resort style casino and how many will there be per year?
  9. How will that impact the entertainment venues across Route 1?
  10. How will that affect the other businesses across Route 1 at Patriot Place?
  11. What will be the total square footage of each portion of a resort style casino?
  12. Will there be plans and regulations in place to be able to allow Foxborough to curtail further development if the impact (of anything) of the current facility (casino, office park, stadium, mall) is creating a demonstrable negative impact to the town?
  13. Will the casino/resort management be responsible for their own security? Inside? Outside/parking lots?
  14. Will it require hiring new town Police and Fire personnel?
  15. What is the proposed economic impact to the town?
  16. Will a percentage of jobs be required to be given to Foxborough residents? Will there be a cutoff to when applicants must have been a resident of Foxborough to qualify (November 2011? February 2012?)
  17. What types of jobs would be created?
  18. What requirements would applicants need for each job?
  19. What is the salary for these jobs?
  20. Where would the average casino visitor be from? The area, New England, Nationwide, Global?
  21. How will they get to Route 1?
  22. What other services will they require from outside the facility?
  23. What will be the average commute for employees?
  24. Will rail service be required for visitors or employees?
  25. What will be the impact to the housing market?
  26. Will new house construction be required to meet the needs of employees at the facility and in related business sectors expected to see growth?
  27. How will this impact the neighborhood?
  28. What would be the major draw for the intended visitor/guest?
  29. What are their typical expectations for a resort style casino?
  30. How would this be different than Twin Rivers, Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and other locations that have non-slot machine only gambling accompanied by restaurants, hotels, spas, or shopping?
  31. What will be the main advertising draw?
  32. What will be the minimum buy in for chips, tables, and other games?
  33. Will there be Keno, simulcast, and video gaming?
  34. Are expected guests thought to be coming here for other tourism draws too such as skiing, beaches, Stadium events, leaf-peaping, historical attractions/day trips to Massachusetts tourism spots?
  35. What consitutes “low-rise”? Three stories? Ten stories?
  36. Is there any recent data or studies about resort style versus convenience style gambling facilities? Or a recent study done about a low-rise resort style casino similar to the one being discussed?
  37. Who are the corporate, personal, and union opposition and pro factors in this proposal? Why?
  38. Will this go before Foxborough voters as a ballot question?
  39. and others questions

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