Route 1, Development, Casino, Gambling, & Foxborough

The footbridge was denied, the land has been undeveloped for years despite incentives for a tech company to move in, we are not on MassBio’s radar screen, and there are vacancies in Cabot, Cabot, & Forbes. Has anyone else showed an interest? Without expanding rail, what can viably go there for the long term and what businesses would be interested? What companies or industries are interested in moving here?

Casino & Racino Are Different Entities

Despite their differences, both candidates do see eye-to-eye on other key issues, such as being against placing slot machines at race tracks. Coppola served on the Citizens Racetrack Advisory Committee in Foxboro and said that while she is against slots, she would leave it up to the townspeople to decide if they want them or not. Naughton, meanwhile, said she doesn’t "think we should fund anything with addictions. "(Slots) feed into people’s weaknesses." ….Both supported Gov. Mitt Romney’s proposal to uncap lottery aid and give more to cities and towns. Jan. 2006


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