About Those Surveys

Complaints of a Canadian firm doing research polling on behalf of the Wynn/Kraft organizations. One was cited as Winning Research out of Toronto. Could the location of the caller “The Wynn” been misunderstood as the funder of the survey?

Winning Research
“Winning Research has a staff of 10 project managers, all armed with smart phones, and a tremendous work ethic. We have over 150 CATI stations, focus facilities, and 25 full time qualitative recruiters in house. Simply put, we provide the most efficient quality field services in the business, and we are willing to work within any budget.

Affiliations: MRIA
Facility Details

Rooms: The Wynn: 15x15ft layout, seats up to 8, intimate setting, A/V and moderator tools | The Cosmopolitan: 15x18ft layout, seats up to 16, boardroom setting, A/V and moderator tools

Building type: Office Building

Location: East Toronto

Travel time from airport: 25 min.

Travel time from downtown: 20 min”


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