More Media Spin

She spokle on September 6 at the Board of Selectmen meeting. The Chairman allowed time allotted to Citizen Input to run over for more than 40 minutes on December 27 and still a few others and she were allowed to speak for a minute which she began by ranting at the Chairman. Then the media portrays it as the Chairman not allowing the “little old lady” to speak and bring mean to her by having te Police Chief cut off the microphone. Channel 25 had her as a guest on their morning program where she spoke again and they portrayed her as a victim while she was saying not so nice things about others including residents in our community who hold different opinions than she. Do your research journalists and be responsible!
“Let Her Speak”

In one of the most contentious moments, Harrington attempted to end public comment, which was originally scheduled for 10 minutes but ran almost an hour.

Helen Merigan, a Central Street resident opposed to the casino, became upset, saying it was her right to speak and eliciting calls from the crowd of “Let her speak!”

Merigan was eventually allowed to speak, but had her microphone cut after she went over her allotted time. She received a loud ovation from crowd.

12/27 BOS Part 3
12/27 BOS Part 2

12/27 BOS Part 1


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