An Impact Of Butterflies

New home needed for Frosted Elfin
Once again, Foxborough has a butterfy population to contend with. The Lodge at Foxborough had to mitigate the habitat of the Oak Hairstreak butterfly, now the town must do the same for the Frosted Elfin or move the Oak Street Treatment Plant out of the butterflies’ habitat.

“Cassie noted that a similar preservation effort was made in Foxboro during the construction of the Lodge At Foxborough apartment complex for the protection of the Oak Hairstreak butterfly.

In that case, acreage was set aside specifically to protect the butterfly.”

SATURDAY SNAPS: Water plant project a’flutter in Foxboro
“The proposal sounds similar to the replicate wetlands proposed by the would-be developers of a shopping mall at Sweeden’s Swamp in South Attleboro a quarter-century ago.”


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