Mitigation Money

YOUR LETTERS: Positive community development projects do not require mitigation payments to the town

Did the newspaper change or edit any of the letter?

Most projects require some form of mitigation. Foxboro Stadium, Cannon Forge, Witch Pond Estates, Gillette Stadium, Chestnut Green, Patriot Place, The Lodge at Foxborough to name a handful of large developments in Foxborough.

What other projects have required mitigation money?

Nearby are Walpole and Norfolk with state correctional facilities.

Walpole: “….that the Prison Mitigation money went through this year. D. Sullivan spoke to …. Patriot Place has not caused a dramatic impact to the Town. A.DeNapoli”

“1/28 6:05pm Is this true?

Can anyone explain why Walpole received $ 782,000 in mitigation funds while Norfolk received $ 88,000 ? Norfolk hosts three correctional facilities, two on Clark St and one on Industrial Way, while Walpole hosts only one at Cedar Junction. About 85 % of the land held by the Dep’t of Correction is in Norfolk while only 15 % is in Walpole. How do you justify Walpole receiving nine times as much ? Where can we find information on this? Maybe our town administrator can shed light on this. – SB”


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