Town Manager

Where to begin? In August, the chairman and town manager met with Kraft Group and the subject of a possible casino came up. Do you think that Kraft Group told either gentleman which companies had shown an interest in a casino or just that some had? The chairman and town manager let the board and public know they had a meeting with the Kraft Group. When the town manager put forth articles for the board and planning board to consider that related to Kraft land on route one (the articles were written by a Kraft lawyer) in late August early September, he said he had received calls from companies (about four) showing interest in siting a casino Foxborough. At this time, town manager said we should be prepared so we could have a seat at the table. In early December when news came out it was Wynn wanting a casino, town manager cried foul claiming he knew nothing about a casino or anyone wanting one. When did his view of it being good for the town to have a seat at the table change and morph into what we saw at the December 27, 2011 meeting where he read a multipage letter stating why he was advising the town not to consider being a host and the subsequent adamant stance against anything casino? Whiplash from the 180o about face on the casino issue?

The BOS first voted to not put the articles on the special town meeting warrant and not force the planning and advisory boards and themselves not to do a ton of extra work to get those articles researched by the fall special townm meeting. As put here earlier ( )

the selcetmen could not and did not outlaw gambling in town.

During the March 13th meeting, town manger advised the BOS chairman that the Kraft Group representatives should not be allowed to speak. Despite the attorney’s statement that they were not a bidder and would not be a bidder, they were not allowed to speak. Is this because it wouldthen be knowbn that town manager’s “hard ball” position is to threaten eminent domain during negotiations? A hard stance from both sides of a negotiation is to be expected; arbitrary threats of land taking should not. At one of the March meetings, Randy Scollins said he had opened the March 5th letter from Kraft Group stating they were not bidding, then Scollins went on to say he thought this was just for the first round and there would be a second round. How could both Scollins and Paicos not understand the Kraft Attorney saying at the March 13 meeting they were not and would not be a bidder for the billboard management deal?

More stunning is that Paicos did not have a copy of the letter in question, but Brue did and appeared to be the only Selectman that did. How did that happen?

Now we have another lawsuit against the board.

We also have an unhappy town manager. The “yes casino” crowd has talked about ways to and wanting to oust the town manager while the “no casino” crowd thinks he’s the cats meow. Despite articles in the newspaper, talk amomg locals and at local establishements the town manager first claimed he didn’t know about the talk of people wanting him ousted, then he says there was talk among board of selectmen members- how can he have it both ways and be a fly on the wall to know what more than one selectman has or has not discussed with other selectmen outside of their regular meetings? Anyone have whiplash over the town manager’s statements and actions? When the Selectmen were meeting to discuss the lawsuit and restraining order, the town manager was busy doing TV interviews said the chairman.

What say you?


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