The Election & Selectmen

After last week’s elections, the board of selectmen makeup has changed. Gone is Harrington. Returning is Brue. Newcomer is Coppola. While the ballot did not say “do you want a casino” or “do you want information about a casino”, the acting Chairman DeVellis and Sullivan claim as much by their words on May 8th.

Wynn and Kraft “suspended” their offering. As sometimes is the case in campaigns, maybe this means they will be back. Kraft Org should not be forced to leave the land fallow or a forever parking lot due to Foxborough’s zoning and NIMBYisms.

At the first meeting of the newly formed board, DeVellis was elected Chairman, Sullivan vice-chairman, and Brue clerk. Folks in town keep talking about the need to “heal”; if this is really the wish, why did they not offer one of these positions to Walsh? She has been there as long as DeVellis and longer than Sullivan’s current term and longer than Brue.

  • DeVellis, Chairman- term expires 2013
  • Walsh- term expires 2013
  • Sullivan, Vice-chairman- term expires 2014
  • Brue, Clerk- term expires 2015
  • Coppola- term expires 2015

Or maybe she didn’t want one of the positions? Since members aren’t supposed to discuss business in more than threes outside of public meetings, how did it come to pass that the three nominated and elected to the named positions were all seated at the top of the table at the beginning of the meeting?  Sullivan and Walsh were in the seats they had occupied for the last year, but Brue and DeVellis were not. What i the protocol for nominations of the Board of Selectmen positions by its members? First to speak, first to get a vote on their preference?

The talk seemed to sound as if the decision had been made before the meeting began. During the Trader Joe’s meeting, Harrington first alluded that DeVellis would be Chairman when he spoke about what the next selectmen could do and what “he” the next Chairman could do and one of them said “or she”. Do outgoing or up-for-election folks talk about the positions and the who’s for the next term before election day?

DeVellis looks for calmer days



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