There are a number of websites and pages out there devoted to Foxborough; this is one of them. Some have been around for years, others are very new. A few have been highlighted in the newspapers recently with the addition of the owners’ businesses touted in the last paragraphs. Others have not proclaimed themselves to the newspapers and seem to do their thing quietly and without fanfare.

The moderator of one anti-casino page has started a new page “minus the gossip” yet continued the gossip there and included on both pages a snippet or link to an article about another residents’ drive to get the casino issue as a town-wide vote. Why do that if your aim is to heal? A bit of “do as I say, not as I do”? A teachable moment.

“Our town was torn apart by the casino issue. There are many other issues that we do agree on, and as we work on these issues we will be working on healing.”

Our town was torn apart by people behaving badly, not an issue.

The town meeting vote in 2004 mentioned so often by people opposed to a casino was marred by the controversial developer and did not and could not include casino style gambling because it was not legal in Massachusetts yet.

It’s unfortunate that some do not understand others are able to differentiate between candidates and issues. There are good things happening in town like the expansion of Boyden and volunteerism, but our community will not “heal” until a vote by town meeting or ballot is taken. Not a vote for candidates, but one on the issue of gambling as it is allowed now- or a casino.





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