Town Employee Pay

At the May 22 meeting, town manager said Selectmen can ignore the vote of town meeting and include in contracts extra compensation for town empoyees who are in the military and get deployed. While waving the “it’s patriotic” flag, how American is ignoring a stated “No” by town meeting on the issue? Unlike the casino where the May ballot did not state “are you in favor of a casino?”, the town meeting warrant article was specific. The article can be brought back to town meeting as the Meals Tax was- it was approved on the third try. Circumventing a majority of voters’ wishes on specific legislation by writing it into a contract the TM and Selectmen negotiate seems sneaky, at best.

Doubtful those opposed to the article at Town Meeting are UnAmerican or UnPatriotic. What about other residents who are not town or state employees in the same predicament? We don’t have a draft anymore so are extra perks from the town or state required since people sign up knowing the implications and possible hardships they might be subjected to? How is Foxborough’s safety net helping- is it or isn’t it?

Yesterday’s meeting was equally enlightening as to how the town manager and some of our officials approach things. A 19 slide presentation on Fire Over Time (FOT).

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”
― W.C. Fields

If we consistantly have that much OT and $$$ under-budgeting, change how you’re doing things. All changes to any employee’s schedule is a change in the budget numbers. One of the slides contained a simplistic math formula but seemed to ignore different pay rates for employees. If one firefighter is paid $35/hour and another is paid $34/hour, even that small initial difference could lead to a much bigger difference when all is said and done. Different starting base pays will not change the hours of OT but will change the money now and later for salary/pay, benefits (medical, disability, pension etc.) and other. OPEB is already underfunded by about $60 million. How does time spent (straight and OT) for stadium events factor into the equations? If employees time for stadium events are paid for by the stadium/Kraft orgs, how is the OT and money accrued by those employees covered further out when it’s retirement time?

Why does the chief get OT? Shouldn’t that be a salaried position? Managers have to work as long as needed to accomplish their tasks- all for a set amount of money stipulated in their CONTRACTS. What verbiage do town employee contracts contain?


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