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Town Counsel Redux

After not seeing their first choice of Town Counsel on the initial Meets Qualifications list and not bothering to have interviews with those who did meet the MQs, then redefining the qualifications for Round II of the RFPs, Gellerman and Cabral finally met the Minimum Qualifications.

Who did they go with????

If you guessed G and C, you are correct! All five Selectmen chose Gelerman and Cabral………………After Sullivan said he wanted time to think about the information from the RFPII second round of interviews, then backed off that and fell into step with the others. Vote taken without any discussion of the qualifications, good points, bad points etc.! Only items discussed were (barely) the fee structure-which both firms said they would reconsider if the Selectmen asked- and having a contract. Appears to some the process was rigged!!

Why did each Selectmen chose Gelerman? Haven’t they learned from the past few years?

Some of our bylaws conflict and other need/ed updating, warrant items under his tenure often were changed at the last minute at town meeting so many people had no idea what they were voting on, another resident has been bringing up the “this is not being done the right way” which is answered by “but it was always done that way when Andy was here”…Gelerman was here too and didn’t right the ship then etc. The most he appeared to say during the interviews was that he worked for the town for thirty years and he helped with the stadium deal. Gelerman also refered to his firm not our our firm (why bring Cabral to the meeting?) Why should we place lack of lawsuits over missteps in the way Town Hall functions and procedures are handled? Paicos seems to get most of those processes and procedures correct- and has already corrected some.

The other finalists showed a working knowledge of 40B, 40R, land use, contracts, dealing with the Kraft Group and more. Seemed better suited to help the town than the good ole’ boy networking that appeared to be going on.

How long till the next RFP for town counsel goes out?
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School Committee

Kate Kominsky was on the school committee for almost a decade and never once was Chairman. Good for her for taking the stand she did!!!

“board lacked respect for diversity of thought.”

We’ll be able to see what she brings to the table by not being behind the table. Is there more going on behind the veil of the School Committee than we already know?

Five applicants applied to fill the interim slot. They picked someone they knew. The initial 4-3-2-0-0 vote by the School Committee and Board of Selectmen was followed by an 8-0-1 vote for Belanger.

4- Belanger, a three-year advisory committee liason to the school committee
3- Walton, a Brown University associate dean and former five-year liason to the school committee
2- Maxwell, a retired math teacher and Foxboro Company trainer
0- Ashapa-Olson, a retired Norwood school teacher
0- Davison, a flight test engineer for the Federal Aviation Administration

A lawyer was picked for the School Committee over people with backgrounds in Education??????????? And no discussion about the candidates for ‘we the people’ to understand their choices. (Like the new Town Counsel decision)- just a vote, which is unusual for the Board.


Where did Slattery go during the recess?