School Committee

Kate Kominsky was on the school committee for almost a decade and never once was Chairman. Good for her for taking the stand she did!!!

“board lacked respect for diversity of thought.”

We’ll be able to see what she brings to the table by not being behind the table. Is there more going on behind the veil of the School Committee than we already know?

Five applicants applied to fill the interim slot. They picked someone they knew. The initial 4-3-2-0-0 vote by the School Committee and Board of Selectmen was followed by an 8-0-1 vote for Belanger.

4- Belanger, a three-year advisory committee liason to the school committee
3- Walton, a Brown University associate dean and former five-year liason to the school committee
2- Maxwell, a retired math teacher and Foxboro Company trainer
0- Ashapa-Olson, a retired Norwood school teacher
0- Davison, a flight test engineer for the Federal Aviation Administration

A lawyer was picked for the School Committee over people with backgrounds in Education??????????? And no discussion about the candidates for ‘we the people’ to understand their choices. (Like the new Town Counsel decision)- just a vote, which is unusual for the Board.


Where did Slattery go during the recess?


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