Water & Sewer

Tick Tock…..how many years and counting? A laundromat couldn’t come to the Boch Building back in the 80’s or 90’s and still today the downtown area wouldn’t have enough capacity for one to start up there. Even with the development of Chestnut Green and Patriot Place Foxborough does not have enough water and sewer capacity to allow growth in the ways we have zoned for (Bio-tech, reusing fire station, development in downtown and plazas……). As Heydecker said in the meetings, there was a plant at the state hospital site and one at the High School yet they are unused. The fact we need more capacity and connections has been “discussed” to death for a number of years – it’s become clear the consultants didn’t grasp this or the history of the town’s water and sewer woes in their preparations. We flushed more than $7.5 million down the toilet by not requiring Kraft to build the plant on route 1 or give us money in lieu of Town meeting not approving Water and Sewer’s plan. Now we’ll be asked to come up with our own $7.5-$12 million to expand with Norton and Mansfield and be told ‘forget about what we did in the past’, bend over and kiss it goodbye, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. When will they get it right?



water & sewer/




Remember this ad?

May they not be our pols or how the problem is solved.


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