Schools, Boy Scouts, & Town

Older kids in South Foxborough knew he was a “perv” but no adults did? Police looked into a claim in the late 1990s but nothing came of it…………who did they talk to? How extensive was the investigation? Where are officers on the force during the 60s and 70s when this was happening? Why doesn’t the School Department have an accurate record of where he was teaching and when? What did local pastors know?

“That is the real question which Foxboro is still struggling to come to grips with after 40 years. Why did no one intervene? It’s the one question that Sheehan’s alleged victims, deserve to have answered. ” ………… “At this point, all anyone can realistically hope for is peace of mind.”

That’s a load of bs! Thse adults who knew and didn’t say anything should be ferreted out and held just as accountable. If someone knew in the early years but did not say anything or try to or do anything to stop it and the perpetrator, they -in their silence- contributed to the harm done to boys following the initial victim. Shame on you adults of the time who said nothing and stood by while our most vulnerable were victimized!

Waiting for the lawsuits.

  1. Sheehan not included on scout volunteer list
  2. Pastor details 1970 incident with ex-youth leader
  3. Safety in scouting now paramount
  4. After 40 long years, now comes healing
  5. Sheehan probe only ‘tip of iceberg’
  6. Attorney in priest scandal contacted
  7. For some, Boy Scouts list disclosure too late
  8. Victim: Peers knew scout leader was ‘pervert’
  9. Sheehan blamed Prop. 21/2 for departure
  10. Nine more allege abuse
  11. More in Foxboro alleging abuse
  12. Sheehan said he left town for job security
  13. Former Sheehan colleague at Ahern asks why no one followed up on abuse claim
  14. Shock over Foxboro abuse claim

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