December Special Town Meting

Town meeting will be Dec. 11th if the high school auditorium is available or Dec. 12th if not.

Warrant Closes for special town meeting Oct. 30th. All citizen’s petitions should be submitted by then. What will be on the warrant? Articles 25-27 from May’s town meeting? Town Hall Renovation? Turf Field? Town garage expansion? Zoning changes? Renewable energy? Wind turbine? Solar farm? Route 1 set-backs? Sale of town owned property?

Walsh tried discussing holding a Saturday town meeting – to help get seniors and others who have difficulty participating on a weeknight – was put off until later. Selectmen will discuss it for May’s meeting.

  2. Figures show less expensive options for Town Hall woes
  3. Foxboro voters to take up field
  4. Money aplenty in Foxboro
  5. Much was ignored in deciding on a new Town Hall
  6. Plan calls for new Town Hall without tax hike

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