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Lincoln Hill Property

WOW! If you don’t succeed the first time in fooling the taxpayers, try again! It’s been about a year and a half, but the BOS-Chairman is trying to sell off Conservation Land once again. Brought to the BOS table under the guise as something coming from what should be the Asset Review Committee but NO, it was the BOS Chair and Town Manager.

The Asset Review Committee hasn’t met since when? Last meeting announcement is for 12-15-2009. Conservation land is conservation land. We bought it, leave it alone.

If there are parcels the town accepted years ago that now some think could be more valuable if sold, too bad. We accepted the property with conservation restrictions, easements etc. The people who donated or bought the land did so knowing about and accepting those restrictions and reasons. It is a violation of the PUBLIC TRUST to undo it.

Learn from mistakes of the past- isn’t that why one board member brought up accepting land in lieu of taxes isn’t always a good idea?-, don’t repeat them, and move on.

Do they realize people are paying attention and many remember and fact check? Is it forgotten there are written and taped records of their words and actions?

Foxboro Cable Access has an inventory of recorded selectmens meetings, many meetings from 2008 to present are online, the Foxboro Reporter has many years of information about the goings-on of town boards and town meetings, and all minutes, votes and legal documents should be on file at Town Hall.

Oak Street, Camp Lincoln Hill, Recreation, Conservation, & White Marbled Salamanders

Town talks assets January 24, 2013

Foxborough Committee Recommends Sale of Town Land to Raise Revenue


05/13/2013 ATM

The Question Has Been Answered!

“How long till the next RFP for town counsel goes out?”

The question was asked in July 2012. The public has the answer…2014

The next question is “WHY?”. Did Gelerman & Cabral not do something right, did they fumble one ball too many for the BOS Chaiman, did they not follow marching orders they thought were illegal or not right, did they cost too much in negotiating time versus litigating in the towns best interest? What are all the reasons this was brought up? Why can the Chairman add this to an agenda with no forewarning and no specifics?

Other boards have often used outside counsel for some issues- Selectmen too; one member said two other boards have sought outside counsel yet she refused to name those boards. She claimed Gelerman & Cabral were too accommodating (non-litigious) but didn’t tell what other matter G&C had let her down about…was it the 2 OML violations?

Why does it look of the selectmen on the board in 2012, Devellis is the only one that does his homework, remembers their actions and holds it up for the public to see?

Selectmen in market for new town counsel