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Revenue From 2,500 Seats On Game Days And Revenue From Other Uses Of Same Space

Under the Stadium’s lease agreement with the Town Of Foxborough, Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) revenues are for the stadium only. In addition, a fee is assessed for nom-stadium related office use.

The values are:
Concert and International Soccer ticket sales = $2.55 each
Non-playoff Football and Soccer ticket events = $1.47 each

Using the 2,500 number first stated during BOS Meetings as the number of seats removed from the previous 2014 Gillette Stadium seating capacity of 68,756, here are some calculations of the estimated loss of revenue solely from those 2,500 tickets (this does not include anything such as parking fee, food and beverages purchased on-site or in-town/meals taxes, staying overnight (hotel taxes), etc.

The line-up of scheduled events for the remainder of 2015 includes:
2 preseason NFL football games
8 regular season NFL footbal games
5 regular season MLS soccer games
3 UMASS Football games
5 concerts
3 Other events (Color Run, 2016 NHL Winter Classic, Supercross)

Regular season football games:
2,500 Seats x $1.47 = $3,675 per game.
$3,675 x 10 Games = $36,750 this football season

Regular season soccer games:
2,500 seats x $1.47 = $3,675 per game
$3,765 x 5 games = $18, 375 the remainder of soccer season

Anything else is pure gravy for the town coffers. The Taylor Swift concerts had ~60,000 people each night ( x $2.55 = $153,000 x 2 nights = $306,000!

Please note:
Shaefer Stadium seating capacity was approximately 61,000. This is at least 7,500 fewer seats than Gillette Stadium which means, in terms of PILOT program revenues, the town is collecting more than what the initial agreement forecast.

Questions to ask:
A) How much food and drink do the current seatholders buy while at a game?
B) How much does this equal in additional revenue (over the ticket fee money in lieu of taxes)?
C) How many stadium attendees stay overnight in Foxborough?
D) How many dine out or shop in town while they are in Foxborough?
E) Will the food and beverage buying of the attendees change with the new design? By how much?

Foxborough Meals tax = 0.75% per $100.00 (on top of 5.25% state tax)

Please, BOS, don’t complain about loss of revenue due to Gillette Stadium removing ~3.7 % of the seats to create a new experience for attendees. There are still more seats than what the original stadium had and we’ve already made more than the negotiators planned on making. Kraft Organization is doing a fantastic job bringing in more events and revenue streams for themselves and the town. The Stadium, Patriot Place, and everywhere else in town visitors go to eat, buy something small on the way to an event or afterward, stay overnight, shopping trips, is all good and a bonus for our community and retailers.