Monthly Archives: April 2016

Who Knew?

Dear World,
Everyone in town did not know.

Dog Park Revival…2016

If reports are true, a giant shout out goes to Conservation Commission for keeping most people in the dark for two years!

A site for a dog park has been “found” and neighbors recently notified.

What were the other contenders? Has it been demonstrated Foxborough needs a dog park? Foxborough has miles of trails in our town and state forest, sidewalks, and yards.

  • Parking lot on County Street never filling up (convert portion to a dog park)
  • 20 acreClosed, Capped Landfill on East Belcher Road (use part as dog park and recreation facility). 5.5 acres is for 1.556 megawatt photovoltaic (solar) array. Part is leaf/compost pile. Many acres useable.
  • New development areas – neighborhood parks/play areas
  • Fire station property or other town owned “surplus property”
  • Camp Lincoln Hill/Oak Street property
  • Corner of Washington, North Street
  • Work with the Y to find space there and institute classes for people exercising with their pets

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