Monthly Archives: September 2016

More than 4 hours

The Boss & the E Street Band played on at their last stop on the American leg of The River Tour 2016. They played past Foxborough’s 11:30 PM curfew. All them, by themselves. That’s what makes him The Boss, the amount of hits and art they have put out during their long and storied careers. Great music respected by appreciative, loving fans! They performed a fantastic closing show!

Will Selectmen impose fines?

Who pays the fines– the band, the stadium, the promoter?

If the stadium decides to cut their losses and not have any acts play, there is a minimum payment the town receives ~$1million a year. Every year we benefit from the revenues generated by all kinds of entertainment at stadium. Are we prepared to shoot the golden goose because BOS believes working hours for everyone are during daylight hours and Monday through Friday and football noise is different than noise from other events?

How long will the discussion at the BOS table be– post your guesses in the comments section!