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Revenue From 2,500 Seats On Game Days And Revenue From Other Uses Of Same Space

Under the Stadium’s lease agreement with the Town Of Foxborough, Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) revenues are for the stadium only. In addition, a fee is assessed for nom-stadium related office use.

The values are:
Concert and International Soccer ticket sales = $2.55 each
Non-playoff Football and Soccer ticket events = $1.47 each

Using the 2,500 number first stated during BOS Meetings as the number of seats removed from the previous 2014 Gillette Stadium seating capacity of 68,756, here are some calculations of the estimated loss of revenue solely from those 2,500 tickets (this does not include anything such as parking fee, food and beverages purchased on-site or in-town/meals taxes, staying overnight (hotel taxes), etc.

The line-up of scheduled events for the remainder of 2015 includes:
2 preseason NFL football games
8 regular season NFL footbal games
5 regular season MLS soccer games
3 UMASS Football games
5 concerts
3 Other events (Color Run, 2016 NHL Winter Classic, Supercross)

Regular season football games:
2,500 Seats x $1.47 = $3,675 per game.
$3,675 x 10 Games = $36,750 this football season

Regular season soccer games:
2,500 seats x $1.47 = $3,675 per game
$3,765 x 5 games = $18, 375 the remainder of soccer season

Anything else is pure gravy for the town coffers. The Taylor Swift concerts had ~60,000 people each night ( x $2.55 = $153,000 x 2 nights = $306,000!

Please note:
Shaefer Stadium seating capacity was approximately 61,000. This is at least 7,500 fewer seats than Gillette Stadium which means, in terms of PILOT program revenues, the town is collecting more than what the initial agreement forecast.

Questions to ask:
A) How much food and drink do the current seatholders buy while at a game?
B) How much does this equal in additional revenue (over the ticket fee money in lieu of taxes)?
C) How many stadium attendees stay overnight in Foxborough?
D) How many dine out or shop in town while they are in Foxborough?
E) Will the food and beverage buying of the attendees change with the new design? By how much?

Foxborough Meals tax = 0.75% per $100.00 (on top of 5.25% state tax)

Please, BOS, don’t complain about loss of revenue due to Gillette Stadium removing ~3.7 % of the seats to create a new experience for attendees. There are still more seats than what the original stadium had and we’ve already made more than the negotiators planned on making. Kraft Organization is doing a fantastic job bringing in more events and revenue streams for themselves and the town. The Stadium, Patriot Place, and everywhere else in town visitors go to eat, buy something small on the way to an event or afterward, stay overnight, shopping trips, is all good and a bonus for our community and retailers.


Board Of Selectmen

Chris Mitchell won a seat on the BOS! He will join Ginny Coppola, John Gray, David Feldman, and Jim DeVellis.

Will relations with our largest corporate taxpayers (Kraft, Schneider, etc.) and residents improve?

Are these items heading to Foxborough’s BOS agendas?

  • Sewer
  • Housing
  • Schools
  • 40B
  • Rail Service
  • Infrastructure
  • Taxes
  • Roads
  • Attracting Business Development (Downtown, Route 1, Foxfield Plaza, Foxborough Plaza, Route 140, Green Street, Chestnut Green, Etc.)
  • Town Hall
  • Future Space Needs
  • Crime
  • Recreation
  • Open Space
  • Affordable Housing
  • Retaining Our Senior Population

Will we see increased transparency and accountability?

How will they impact developments?

Economic Deveopment in Foxborough

What Is Trolley Service? Where Would It Run?

The Planning Board’s first question in last week’s poll (“Your Thoughts About Trains”) was “Trolley service should be provided connecting Foxborough with Walpole and Mansfield.” with no explanation of what this meant.

Did those posing the question mean:

  1. Train service to Walpole and Mansfield, continuing on to Providence or Boston on the existing CSX line in Foxborough (no transfers necessary)
  2. Train service to Walpole and Mansfield only (no through service to Providence/Boston) on the existing CSX line in Foxborough with connections to only Mansfield and Walpole (transfers necessary)
  3. Road based Trolley service to Walpole and Mansfield instead of train service on the CSX line to Foxborough
  4. Road based Trolley service to Walpole and Mansfield in addition to train service on the CSX line to Foxborough
  5. Bus service to Walpole and Mansfield instead of train service on the CSX line to Foxborough
  6. Bus service to Walpole and Mansfield in addition to train service on the CSX line to Foxborough
  7. Something else?

Did the question writers also mean one of the following?

  1. Between Gillette Stadium Parking Lot and train parking lots in Mansfield and Walpole
  2. Between Gillette Stadium Parking Lot and somewhere in Mansfield and Walpole
  3. Between somewhere in Foxborough and train parking lots in Mansfield and Walpole
  4. Between somewhere in Foxborough and somewhere in Mansfield and Walpole
  5. Somewhere else?

There is an existing railroad track line, known as the Framingham Secondary line which runs through Foxborough from Framingham to Mansfield. Currently, there are one to two freight trains travelling through Foxborough daily. On game days, the train takes fans to Gillette Stadium from Boston and Providence. The MBTA has recently acquired a portion of this line, including the Foxborough segment, from CSX rail. A proposal for daily commuter rail service connecting to Boston has been floated. The Weekly Poll wants to know what you think. Please check whether you Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree of Strongly Disagree with each of the statements below.

Reporter claims there were about 250 respondents to this poll, 94% live in Foxborough.

Liquor Licenses

Foxborough Realty Associates LLC was denied a change to the premises to extend the stadiums liquor license to cover the Dana Farber Field House and fenced areas behind the stadium.

Splitsville was denied a liquor license apparently because three of the five selectmen did not like Howl At The Moon brand. Using one call to a Texas location and internet surfing, how can this be considered good qualification for denial?

Selectmen & Event Applications

Selectman Coppola complained about the timing of applications and notification for some stadium events. About 7 or 8 years ago, then Selectman Delaney brought up the advertising for a “Vans Warped Tour” show at stadium knowing the event had not been approved by the Selectmen. This is the same kind of situation….nothing new. If she’s upset about this, Coppola should also complain about other groups doing the same thing – advertise for weeks and months in advance of events which require permission of the Selectmen, then come to the Board the week of the event asking for permission to hold it. If you’re going to make one group do something, you must make them all do it, regardless of the size, location or reason.

Unbuilt Land

It began as wooded land and is now a parking lot. Should it be home to a cable TV station? A biotech park? A Casino? What’s next to be proposed for Kraft’s Route 1 land?

All the former have been suggested. All Meaningful Entertainment TV wanted the Selectmen’s help in bringing an upstart cable tv network to town. The State created incentives for a growth area and biotech park. The Selectmen refused to listen to the land owner and a casino developer. What do you think would work there, and bring money to both the land owner and town?

The Election & Selectmen

After last week’s elections, the board of selectmen makeup has changed. Gone is Harrington. Returning is Brue. Newcomer is Coppola. While the ballot did not say “do you want a casino” or “do you want information about a casino”, the acting Chairman DeVellis and Sullivan claim as much by their words on May 8th.

Wynn and Kraft “suspended” their offering. As sometimes is the case in campaigns, maybe this means they will be back. Kraft Org should not be forced to leave the land fallow or a forever parking lot due to Foxborough’s zoning and NIMBYisms.

At the first meeting of the newly formed board, DeVellis was elected Chairman, Sullivan vice-chairman, and Brue clerk. Folks in town keep talking about the need to “heal”; if this is really the wish, why did they not offer one of these positions to Walsh? She has been there as long as DeVellis and longer than Sullivan’s current term and longer than Brue.

  • DeVellis, Chairman- term expires 2013
  • Walsh- term expires 2013
  • Sullivan, Vice-chairman- term expires 2014
  • Brue, Clerk- term expires 2015
  • Coppola- term expires 2015

Or maybe she didn’t want one of the positions? Since members aren’t supposed to discuss business in more than threes outside of public meetings, how did it come to pass that the three nominated and elected to the named positions were all seated at the top of the table at the beginning of the meeting?  Sullivan and Walsh were in the seats they had occupied for the last year, but Brue and DeVellis were not. What i the protocol for nominations of the Board of Selectmen positions by its members? First to speak, first to get a vote on their preference?

The talk seemed to sound as if the decision had been made before the meeting began. During the Trader Joe’s meeting, Harrington first alluded that DeVellis would be Chairman when he spoke about what the next selectmen could do and what “he” the next Chairman could do and one of them said “or she”. Do outgoing or up-for-election folks talk about the positions and the who’s for the next term before election day?

DeVellis looks for calmer days