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Renewable Energy In Foxborough

Foxborough has solar panels on the Highway garage, Kraft Group has solar panels on Patriot Place, and the town is getting solar panels at the dump, but we’re still studying wind turbines. How much of this slowing down the process and ‘need to study’ is due to the proposed resort casino? The Kraft Group announced their interest in wind turbines in 2010. Does the Renewable Energy Advisory Committee (formed in 2008) have any data to provide the Planning Board to help expedite this?


$9million Is Coming To Town!

According to the news
(Sun Chronicle and Boston Globe) it’s a $9 million footbridge that is coming to town.

How will this and the ongoing development along Route 1 including the Massachusetts backed 1.6 million square-foot Bio-Tech Office Complex proposed across from the stadium, Chestnut Green (and the propsed changes to their approved plans) and at Patriot Place dovetail with Kraft Group’s propsal to buy the spur that serves these locations and currently ends at Gillette Stadium?

What about the ongoing State/Police/Stadium security personnel issues – who will staff the area and P10 and P11 if there is no need to stop traffic because the visitors will have to take the 24’x135′ pedestrian bridge?
Propsed Pedestrian Bridge Over Route 1 in Foxborough

While part of the stimulus funding is for infrastructure projects, is this one of the State’s priorities? What about some dams, crumbling auto bridges, roadways, heck, even the Edwards Road area could use a bit of the money to improve infrastructure and increase public safety! Guess we couldn’t make it a $.50 per person each way toll pedestrian bridge until the $9million is repayed (but, then it could end up like Mass Pike and its tolls….)?

“Kraft Group submits plans for office park” (March 5, 2009)
Tech park offers promise of 4,000 jobs (March 12, 2009)
BOS Meeting Minutes – SEMass Commuter Rail
7:05 pm comments by James Oliver, Foxborogh representative on the Task Force of Southeastern Massachusetts Commuter Rail Task Force
“Local sites protected in rail planning effort” (August 13, 2009)

So the Pats were 18-1…

Time for the Selectmen to make good on their bet.

A 580MW power plant located in Walpole, near our town line? Sen. Timilty is at tonight’s meeting….and so will all sides of the Dog Park debate.

East Rutherford Pizza vs. Foxborough Chowder

It’s official! The Selectmen of Foxborough and the Mayor and borough Council of East Rutherford have wagered on the outcome of Superbowl XLII.

Five pizzas (or “pies” as some call the tasty food staple) from East Rutherford’s Park Tavern if the Patriots win or clam chowder (also known to many as “New England Clam Chowdah”) from Foxborough’s Lafayette House if the Giants win. Also included in the bet: Foxborough Selectmen will wear Giants hats for one entire meeting or East Rutherford’s Mayor (and staff) and Council will wear Patriots hats for a day.

Battle Of The Boroughs!

The Mayor of Borough of East Rutherford, New Jersey (Mayor James L. Cassella), has challenged the Board Of Selectmen of Foxborough, Massachusetts to a bet about Superbowl XLII. He bet pizzas. Our Selectmen considered New England Clam Chowder from the Lafayette House, pizza from Foxborough House of Pizza, or food from all around town (enough for seven people). While discussing this challenge, there were many suggestions from around the Selectmen’s table tonight including the wearing of Patriots shirts while feasting on Foxborough food or Giants hats while dining on New Jersey pizza. Selectmen Sullivan will be negotiating the final bet with the Mayor tomorrow.

More items from tonight’s meeting:

  • We may not be the smallest Town home to National Football League team, but may be the smallest town home to an American Football Conference team!
  • During tonight’s meeting, Selectman Feeney “put on notice” the cities and mayors Of Boston and Brockton regarding their use of the term “City of Champions“….how about “Town Of Champions”, “Hometown Of Champions”, or something that reflects the small, town feeling and qualities we strive to retain and preserve?
  • They are currently discussing the ‘Dog Park’… .

Super’ Sendoff At Gillette!

Help Governor Patrick give the hometown team an excellent sendoff on their trip to the Superbowl. Parking and admission to the 10:00 AM event is free. Lots open an hour before the event. Tailgating will not be permitted. (^)

What The Hell Is There To Do In Indianapolis?

Go Pats!

We hope you win!

You too can find out all kinds of things at Gillette Stadium and New England Patriots!

Have you ever been to Indianapolis? I haven’t and am wondering “What the hell is there to do in Indianapolis and Indiana? (Probably more than in Foxborough, MA, but wanderlust just drives some folks spirits enough that they’ll be heading there some time!)

For those of us who have never been there – or for those who wish to travel down memory lane, here is some info about this little hamlet:

This reminds me of all the “Indiana Jones” movies! Harrison Ford recently said he’s signed up to do sequel #3 (at the tender age of 60-something) and that Sean Connery just might be back as his dad! Now that would be great 🙂