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Oak Street, Camp Lincoln Hill, Recreation, Conservation, & White Marbled Salamanders

We voted to buy this land for conservation and recreation, so it should not be sold off. To do so is a violation of the public trust. Part of the land was used by the scouts for their activities and camping, some was used by the Jaycees for the Annual Haunted House. Part of the land also serves to help protect the wells, which we are currently upgrading to better serve the town. In doing this, we already infringed on the home territory of the Frosted Elfin butterflies and forced them to move, why is the Town Assest Review Committee in such a hurry to infringe upon yet another species’ habitat?  

In another 180, Brue now appears to be the one clamoring to sell off this property, but a November 2011 article states

“Those potential house lots will not be sold, Brue said, citing this as an example of how the conservation commission already has the authority to manage its land under the Town Manager Act.”


The same article claims the Foxborough-owned former Camp Lincoln Hill land was designated for conservation and recreation uses only at a town meeting in the early 1970’s.  Judi Johnson and Jim DeVellis recently clarified this and stated it was the 1974 annual town meeting.

Not only is there protected wildlife on the property, almost forty years ago we spent money to protect the property yet, now, some think that’s not important so we should sell it off to spend even more money on new buildings. New land is being formed in Hawai’i, not here. Again, to sell off any of this property would be a violation of the Public Trust!!

The parcels under review are the old firehouse opposite the Common, the former Keating funeral home on Market Street, the former Camp Lincoln Hill property on Oak Street, landlocked parcel on Pine Acres Road, and a parcel on Garrett Spillane Road.


Because of their relative scarcity in the state, marbled salamanders are protected in Massachusetts and listed as “threatened,” just one level above endangered, under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act. They are near the northern limits of their distribution here, which is a contributing factor to their rarity, said Kubel.


December Special Town Meting

Town meeting will be Dec. 11th if the high school auditorium is available or Dec. 12th if not.

Warrant Closes for special town meeting Oct. 30th. All citizen’s petitions should be submitted by then. What will be on the warrant? Articles 25-27 from May’s town meeting? Town Hall Renovation? Turf Field? Town garage expansion? Zoning changes? Renewable energy? Wind turbine? Solar farm? Route 1 set-backs? Sale of town owned property?

Walsh tried discussing holding a Saturday town meeting – to help get seniors and others who have difficulty participating on a weeknight – was put off until later. Selectmen will discuss it for May’s meeting.

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Schools, Boy Scouts, & Town

Older kids in South Foxborough knew he was a “perv” but no adults did? Police looked into a claim in the late 1990s but nothing came of it…………who did they talk to? How extensive was the investigation? Where are officers on the force during the 60s and 70s when this was happening? Why doesn’t the School Department have an accurate record of where he was teaching and when? What did local pastors know?

“That is the real question which Foxboro is still struggling to come to grips with after 40 years. Why did no one intervene? It’s the one question that Sheehan’s alleged victims, deserve to have answered. ” ………… “At this point, all anyone can realistically hope for is peace of mind.”

That’s a load of bs! Thse adults who knew and didn’t say anything should be ferreted out and held just as accountable. If someone knew in the early years but did not say anything or try to or do anything to stop it and the perpetrator, they -in their silence- contributed to the harm done to boys following the initial victim. Shame on you adults of the time who said nothing and stood by while our most vulnerable were victimized!

Waiting for the lawsuits.

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Water & Sewer

Tick Tock…..how many years and counting? A laundromat couldn’t come to the Boch Building back in the 80’s or 90’s and still today the downtown area wouldn’t have enough capacity for one to start up there. Even with the development of Chestnut Green and Patriot Place Foxborough does not have enough water and sewer capacity to allow growth in the ways we have zoned for (Bio-tech, reusing fire station, development in downtown and plazas……). As Heydecker said in the meetings, there was a plant at the state hospital site and one at the High School yet they are unused. The fact we need more capacity and connections has been “discussed” to death for a number of years – it’s become clear the consultants didn’t grasp this or the history of the town’s water and sewer woes in their preparations. We flushed more than $7.5 million down the toilet by not requiring Kraft to build the plant on route 1 or give us money in lieu of Town meeting not approving Water and Sewer’s plan. Now we’ll be asked to come up with our own $7.5-$12 million to expand with Norton and Mansfield and be told ‘forget about what we did in the past’, bend over and kiss it goodbye, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. When will they get it right?



water & sewer/




Remember this ad?

May they not be our pols or how the problem is solved.

Selectmen & Event Applications

Selectman Coppola complained about the timing of applications and notification for some stadium events. About 7 or 8 years ago, then Selectman Delaney brought up the advertising for a “Vans Warped Tour” show at stadium knowing the event had not been approved by the Selectmen. This is the same kind of situation….nothing new. If she’s upset about this, Coppola should also complain about other groups doing the same thing – advertise for weeks and months in advance of events which require permission of the Selectmen, then come to the Board the week of the event asking for permission to hold it. If you’re going to make one group do something, you must make them all do it, regardless of the size, location or reason.

Mitigation Money

YOUR LETTERS: Positive community development projects do not require mitigation payments to the town

Did the newspaper change or edit any of the letter?

Most projects require some form of mitigation. Foxboro Stadium, Cannon Forge, Witch Pond Estates, Gillette Stadium, Chestnut Green, Patriot Place, The Lodge at Foxborough to name a handful of large developments in Foxborough.

What other projects have required mitigation money?

Nearby are Walpole and Norfolk with state correctional facilities.

Walpole: “….that the Prison Mitigation money went through this year. D. Sullivan spoke to …. Patriot Place has not caused a dramatic impact to the Town. A.DeNapoli”

“1/28 6:05pm Is this true?

Can anyone explain why Walpole received $ 782,000 in mitigation funds while Norfolk received $ 88,000 ? Norfolk hosts three correctional facilities, two on Clark St and one on Industrial Way, while Walpole hosts only one at Cedar Junction. About 85 % of the land held by the Dep’t of Correction is in Norfolk while only 15 % is in Walpole. How do you justify Walpole receiving nine times as much ? Where can we find information on this? Maybe our town administrator can shed light on this. – SB”

Footbridge News

The proposed pedestrian footbridge is back in the news and in the works at the local level.

Bridge no longer too far. With discussions swirling around gaming, “an up to 500-foot tall wind turbine, a high-tech office facility, a convention center, a roughly 20-story luxury hotel, and a range of related facilities“, signage fees, and other Route 1 updates, when did the Selectmen give the “go ahead” nod to the new Town Manager and Town Planner to apply for an “$8 million MassWorks Infrastructure Grant to build the walkover”? Did they have to?