Monthly Archives: May 2016

A new flag will be raised over the center of Foxborough on Memorial Day. Be there!

Really, be there! It won’t happen again for a long time! 🙂


Parking Woes

Everyone complains about government. We have one new selectman and a new chairman. Board plans for old fire station and Keatings fell through. What would you like to have there? A restaurant? Apartments? Clothing store? Deli? Coffeeshop? Parking lot? American Legion is being renovated into a cafe style small dining establishment with apartments overhead. What will become of Leowen’s and old CVS/Chic2Chic and George’s/Pawsmopolitan buildings?

Many are complaining about what is not downtown and offering ideas for what they would like there. Among suggestions are things which were once there: cheese shop, a soup place, an artist’s collective, a small restaurant, a deli, a coffeeshop, doughnut store, 5 and dime. Who will open a business here? Who will be their sustaining customer base? One thing we do not have is adequate, close parking for all and it is exacerbated by construction. Will that issue be addressed? Through zoning, eminent domain, business help, or another route?

Last Saturday, there was a vendor fair on the town green, a yard sale across the street, a book sale next door, and businesses open. Parking was difficult to find because the fair vendors parked around the common. Could vendors have unloaded their wares from the rotary parking spaces then parked elsewhere during the fair while other events and surrounding businesses were open and whose patrons would have shorter term parking uses?

Things that make me go “hmmmmmmmmmmm”.