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Plans for the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory biolab building met with resistance in Cambridge and has been largely empty and unused for three years. Odds one will come to town?

Scientific panel holding BU biolab hearing in Boston
Mayor Menino to lead tour of controversial BU biolab in South End
Public Hearing Set For B.U. Biolab

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got spurs?
9 million is coming to town?

National Grid, Irene, Halloween & The Wind

Power out for days at a time for two storms. School, work and trick or treating were cancelled. Business lost money. The power went out before the meeting. National Grid employees assured us they would answer our and the selectmens questions. Have they? Tree trimmers came to town and things have been better when its windy outside but not for every one. Attorney general is backing rebates to ratepayers and more trimmers have been working: we will have an increase in our bills.


Foxboro residents angry as power restored at Patriot Place, stadium only

UPDATE: Power may be out for 5-6 days

IRENE’S AFTERMATH: Anger turns to reflection as electricty comes back

Officials make a power point with video for National Grid

Halloween Trick-or-Treating Canceled or Postponed in Several MA Cities and Towns Due to Snowstorm

AG backs rebates for customers who lose electricity

Angry Town

GILLIS: Remember the power outrage?

An Impact Of Butterflies

New home needed for Frosted Elfin
Once again, Foxborough has a butterfy population to contend with. The Lodge at Foxborough had to mitigate the habitat of the Oak Hairstreak butterfly, now the town must do the same for the Frosted Elfin or move the Oak Street Treatment Plant out of the butterflies’ habitat.

“Cassie noted that a similar preservation effort was made in Foxboro during the construction of the Lodge At Foxborough apartment complex for the protection of the Oak Hairstreak butterfly.

In that case, acreage was set aside specifically to protect the butterfly.”

SATURDAY SNAPS: Water plant project a’flutter in Foxboro
“The proposal sounds similar to the replicate wetlands proposed by the would-be developers of a shopping mall at Sweeden’s Swamp in South Attleboro a quarter-century ago.”

Mitigation Money

YOUR LETTERS: Positive community development projects do not require mitigation payments to the town

Did the newspaper change or edit any of the letter?

Most projects require some form of mitigation. Foxboro Stadium, Cannon Forge, Witch Pond Estates, Gillette Stadium, Chestnut Green, Patriot Place, The Lodge at Foxborough to name a handful of large developments in Foxborough.

What other projects have required mitigation money?

Nearby are Walpole and Norfolk with state correctional facilities.

Walpole: “….that the Prison Mitigation money went through this year. D. Sullivan spoke to …. Patriot Place has not caused a dramatic impact to the Town. A.DeNapoli”

“1/28 6:05pm Is this true?

Can anyone explain why Walpole received $ 782,000 in mitigation funds while Norfolk received $ 88,000 ? Norfolk hosts three correctional facilities, two on Clark St and one on Industrial Way, while Walpole hosts only one at Cedar Junction. About 85 % of the land held by the Dep’t of Correction is in Norfolk while only 15 % is in Walpole. How do you justify Walpole receiving nine times as much ? Where can we find information on this? Maybe our town administrator can shed light on this. – SB”

Boyden Library

Fencing is up, cement blocks are in a pile, front steps are being removed, and the downstairs doors are open as the library is under construction for the renovation and expansion.
Boyden’s ‘long journey’ nears end

Route 1 Billboards

November 10, 2011 Regular Session Minutes

Didn’t the BOS say we shouldn’t be in the advertising business? Town hopes to increase revenue from Route 1 ads

Renewable Energy In Foxborough

Foxborough has solar panels on the Highway garage, Kraft Group has solar panels on Patriot Place, and the town is getting solar panels at the dump, but we’re still studying wind turbines. How much of this slowing down the process and ‘need to study’ is due to the proposed resort casino? The Kraft Group announced their interest in wind turbines in 2010. Does the Renewable Energy Advisory Committee (formed in 2008) have any data to provide the Planning Board to help expedite this?


Paicos was a last minute add to the group of contestants for Town Manager so this action of allowing “does not meet the requirements” (deadlines, qualifications, whatever) applicants to be part of the process is more of the same. Will more firms submit RFPs before the interviews?

Another “Mistake”

RIP RFP. While the current controversy is claimed not to be about the dog park, how can residents not look at it as just that? Selectmen had time to review the in progress RFP and requirements for application by law firms.

One resident claimed Gelerman should never have been let go and a couple of Selectmen were disappointed Gelerman and Cabral didn’t meet the Minimum Qualifications. Despite serving the town for over 30 years, who knows how good a job he did for Foxborough. Not having a lot of lawsuits does not necessarily equate to having worked out the best deal for the residents and Town of Foxborough.

On top of that, another resident has been outstanding on bringing up Town Hall missteps that have been going on for years under the current and past Town Managers. If former Town Counsel was so outstanding, how did those missteps go unnoticed?

Downtown Development

RFP – Town of Foxborough Economic Development Chapter & Downtown Strategic Plan. Central Wine and Spirits is winding down, Friendly’s closed there are crews on site, Ballet Academy moved in.